Florence Food Tour

When I traveled to Florence, I took an amazing tour of the city, in which I was culturally immersed and left feeling like I had gained knowledge of Florence, of Tuscany, of Italy.

I also left feeling quite full.

It was the Florence Food Tour, and it was wonderful. IMG_1453We started the morning with some caffeine – two Italian espressos.  We learned about how coffee is made, in general and in Italy. Italy actually gets coffee beans from South America, roasts them, and sends them back to South America!


Then, we drank our espressos and were ready for a long day of eating.


Next up: Truffle sandwiches.  Delicious.

IMG_1486 IMG_1489

After that, we tasted delicious wines, meat and cheeses!

IMG_1509 IMG_1503

We then headed to a traditional Tuscan market for the final leg of our gastronomic relay race.


More cheese! Who would’ve thought?


The only fruit I had in Italy – covered in a raspberry balsamic vinegar.


Dessert begins now…


And continues to our final “digestive” (as our guide called it), gelato.

It was awesome.


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